SylsCC 100K in a Day


New and exclusive 100K in a Day Program

Syls Cycling Club Malahide is proud to introduce its “100K in a day” programme. A cycling programme that will help you develop the ability to cycle 100 km in a single day after 6 weeks of training with a mix of theory and practical classes, including group cycling techniques, cross-training (lectured by a professional cyclist), a bike maintenance workshop (from Jimmy’s Bike Shop) and more!

This programme will carefully guide you through our training plan as it is aimed at those who are looking to re-start or continue cycling for health, fitness, recreation, commuting or to tackle a challenge or charity ride.

It is a great opportunity for you to make new friends, get out into the fresh air and open spaces and enjoy the social dimension of Group cycling. For an inactive cyclist, starting back can be a scary prospect. This easy-to-follow plan will have you confidently undertaking 60 - 70 km spins, with the goal of completing 100K in a single spin by the end of the course. It’s easier than you think!

With the focus of putting theory into practice during cycle spins, Syls Cycling Club has successfully held different training programmes, including its highly popular “Couch To 50k” that happens every spring. Through the duration of the 100K in a day programme, cyclists should be able to:

  • Build fitness week by week
  • Increase cycling distance and ability by participating in spins with Syls CC
  • Finish the programme with a 100K spin, while having 1 or 2 coffee breaks to refuel

If you have any health issues, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning this structured training plan

“I was looking for a cycling club that was welcoming and that would draw me into the world of group cycling. I have found that in Syls CC. Participating in the 100k in a Day program, my ability to complete and enjoy long-distance cycling has blossomed as a result of well-led group cycles all over North Country Dublin (and I’m from Cork!). This enjoyment is aided by the compulsory hot chocolate stop on every spin. My cycling capability has been further enhanced through participating in some great Monday evening workshops, e.g. bike maintenance basics and what to wear on winter spins. This a very well-organised and friendly club that even after 6 weeks I am happy to recommend to others.” - Margaret O' Riordan

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