Policy on eBikes


SylsCC aims to promote safe cycling and welcomes members who want to use electrically assisted road or hybrid bicycles to participate in club spins. The best electrically assisted bicycle should make cycling easier and more accessible but not so easy that the exercise element is removed. In terms of the bicycles, the rated maximum assisted speed must not exceed 25Kph and a maximum continuous power rating of 250w.

The club operates a discrete approval system. Any member or potential new member must apply to the club for approval to use an electrically assisted bicycle on club spins. Approval will only be given on the basis that the cyclist use the electrical assistance where necessary and at a level consistent with the group spin speed that they are participating in.

Application process for use of eBikes on SylsCC spins;

  1. Write an email to the club secretary outlining the reasons for using an eBikes on Club spins and provide details of the bike. Use the email address contact@sylscc.ie
  2. A subset of the SylsCC committee will consider your request and make a determination.
  3. If approved, the club secretary will confirm.

Assuming approval is given, it is the responsibility of the cyclist to ensure that they have sufficient battery reserves for the chosen Club spin.