Cycling Etiquette


SylsCC Group Cycling Etiquette

Club spins will often contain a good element of group cycling due to the benefits of drafting and increased average speed. Safety and knowledge of the basic etiquette of group cycling are key. The club utilises the general principles from the Cycling Ireland Guide to Cycling on the Road.

There are two main formats for group riding used in the club:

  1. Single Paceline
  2. Double/Rotating Pacelines

The Single Paceline is the easiest format for beginners, bumpy roads and ideal for groups up to 6.

The Double Paceline should not exceed 20 cyclists.

There are various calls and signals needed to ensure safe progression and a list from Cycling Ireland is included on the next page. There are also a set of techniques for changing the lead riders and these are taught during club spins.

The club recommends a number of videos on Group Cycling etiquette from GCN(Global Cycling Network) and links are included in the New Members Pack.

If you are new to a spin group, we suggest that you start at the back.

Singling out and Doubling up

When the shout comes to single out the lead rider nearest to the kerb should speed up slightly with the lead rider on the outside slotting in behind. Other riders should follow suit.

To move back into pairs the leading riders position side by side with everyone slotting back into their original positions. It is vital that the lead riders proceed slowly as those at the back will have many bike lengths to make up.

All on

When all cyclists are correctly positioned in the spin group and moving at a consistent speed the general call “All on” is used.

One off

When one cyclist starts to get dropped off the Group Spin speed, the general call “One off” is used. In this instance the “Group” would slow to allow re-grouping. If two cyclists start to be dropped off the Group Spin speed, the call changes to “Two off”.

For full details on the Cycling Ireland Guide to Cycling on the Road, visit their website and download the PDF: